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Daily Pakistan Newspaper | Roznama Pakistan|Daily Pakistan Epaper

Daily Pakistan Newspaper is now available to for readers to read online. You can read Daily Pakistan Newspaper Today edition read online from the link given below.

The Roznama Pakistan is an Urdu newspaper based in Karachi, Pakistan. Daily Pakistan is the most famous newspaper of Pakistan in continuous publication since 3 September 1998.

Daily Pakistan Newspaper|Roznama Pakistan

                 Daily Newspaper
Daily Pakistan is published by the Pakistan Group of Newspapers. Daily Pakistan Newspaper is Pakistan's national Urdu Daily Newspaper.
Daily Pakistan Newspaper is published from Karachi, Islamabad, FaisalabadLahoreRawalpindiGujranwala, QuettaSheikhupuraBahawalpur, Dera Ghazi KhanGujratSialkot, Multan, SargodhaSukkurBirmingham and UK. Daily Pakistan has a distribution of over 1000,000 copies daily.
Daily Pakistan Newspaper in Urdu is one of most famous Pakistani daily Urdu Newspapers. It’s is famous not only in Pakistan but also in Urdu readers in India and Pakistan diaspora living in USA, UK, France, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Australia, Belgium, Spain, North America and Gulf Countries.  As the Roznama Pakistan and other Daily Urdu Newspapers are not usually available in other countries, so we upload these daily newspapers to make your access easier to your favorite Urdu daily Newspapers.Daily Pakistan Newspaper Edition contains a wide variety of Social News, Political News, Sports News, Public issues and Breaking News.

You can read online Roznama Pakistan Urdu by clicking on the link below and can read this Daily Urdu Newspaper. Please note that these Newspapers are uploaded for those people who can’t have access to a hardcopy of the Daily Urdu Newspapers. Please consider buying Daily Pakistan Newspaper from your local bookstore to support the writers.
Read Online Daily Pakistan Newspaper in Urdu
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